May and Herbert Gibbs Collection


Locked out!
May Gibbs nd




Was it May up the ladder? According to her, the situation was 'more serious than it looks'..


How's things?
May Gibbs nd




May was nothing if not Australian!


Untitled (May in bed)
May Gibbs, before 1913




We can only guess at the identity of May's waiter -
her younger brother Ivan, perhaps?


HW Gibbs reading to
Cis; Sowing onions

Herbert Gibbs, 1914-18



It's Herbert cursing the
war news while Cecie (Cic) snores - with their daughter poking fun.


Four Domestic
a) The Phone Call, 1928
b) 6am. Milk Time 1929
c) The Storm 1928-1931
d) A Smoke & Cuppa 1931

Herbert Gibbs, 1928-1931


Herbert never stopped
chronicling everyday


Off to Crawley
Herbert Gibbs, 1919





Raking up leaves when
strong easterlies are
blowing is at least a little silly!


Herbert Gibbs, 1916



During the war, all
Herbert's quiet thoughts
were on the western front.


What price this One
(Christmas Plum Pudding; World War 1)
Herbert Gibbs, 1916


You savez this feller
wangy French'
Herbert Gibbs, 1913


Untitled [postcard]
May Gibbs, 1909



Whoever said
postcards were boring?

For Herbert and May, art was seriously fun

May Gibbs recalled of her years in South Perth that 'My interest at that time was everything I saw and I was particularly keen on making fun of things'. Her powers of observation and sense of fun had been nurtured by her parents and were lifelong traits. As a child, she had watched her father Herbert drawing irreverent cartoons for Perth newspapers. She first worked professionally as a cartoonist in 1902 and, during the 1920s, produced comic strips for two rival Sydney newspapers. Father and daughter also drew countless whimsical caricatures for family and friends. Gentle self-mockery is typical of May's intimate domestic sketches, with an awareness of human frailties underpinning most Gibbs humour.